Mini Compact L 3.0 Premium
Wastewater Clarifier

The Mini Compact L 3.0 Premium is the compact wastewater treatment plant with extremely high automation and safety features.

Who we designed it for

  • If you want to minimize the intervention of the operator in the management of wastewater.
  • If you want to reach high levels of safety.
  • If you want to improve your competitiveness by optimizing time, resources and organization.

Features and advantages

  • Single block of only 6 m².
    Space saving.

  • Integrated clarification and dehydration.
    Ease of use.

  • Automatic and plannable operations.
    You save time and reduce human error.

  • Maintenance reminder service.
    High performance maintenance.

  • Self-maintenance.
    Minimized operator activities.

  • Automatic flocculant preparation and dosing.
    You save on the costs of chemical agents and eliminate human error.

  • Automatic washing of the main accessories in contact with the mud.
    High plant lifetime.

  • The product waste is dehydrated sludge.
    An always-clean working place.

  • 15" touch screen with intuitive software.
  • Manual loaded in the control panel.
  • Remote control.
  • IP55 protection against dust and water jets.
  • Free space under the filter press.
  • Movement also from below.
  • Shipped in two parts: the cylinder and the
    platform containing all components.


  • Decanter material: stainless steel or galvanized steel.
  • Height: also available lowered (3.950 mm).
  • Clarified water production: up to 750 l/min.
  • Base insulation.

Clarified water production

600 l/min

Total installed power

8,5 kW

Transport space

6 m on a truck or container

Filter press plates


Plates dimensions

300 x 300 mm

Pressed sludge production

1,9 m³/ 8h


Control panel with 15" touch screen to manage all plant operations.

Station for the preparation and automatic dosing of the flocculant solution.

Hot-dip galvanized filter press with stainless steel cover and drain channel.

Detail of one of the automatic washings: the nozzles spray the clarified water to clean the filter press cloths.

Hot-galvanized sludge homogenization tank.

Water collection system from filter press with automatic dripping tray.

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