Just Water 3.1
Clarified water filtration unit

Just Water 3.1 is a clarified water filtration unit composed of two filters, J and W.
The J filter is a 25 µm mesh filter with an automatic rotary cleaning system.
Filter W refines the filtration process by retaining particles up to 5 µm.
Just Water 3.0 guarantees a constant, high-quality water flow to the CNC spindle units even during self-cleaning.

Who we designed it for

  • If you have one or more CNCs. With this filter you don't use new water and therefore you reduce your water costs.
  • If you have wastewater spills. Avoid new water intake because the filter refines the clarified water already in circulation.


Features and advantages

  • Filtration of clarified water.
    Saving water and no waste.

  • Self-cleaning rotary system.
    Less maintenance.

  • Automatic operation.
    Save time and reduce human error.

  • Continuous and constant water flow even during washing.
    Production continuity.


  • The filters can be separated.
  • Degrees of filtration.
  • Water flow.


Up to 5 μm


Up to 40 l/min


Rotary internal automatic cleaning system for J filter.

Centrifugal filtration unit feeding pump.

Self-cleaning J filter.

Control panel to manage all the operations of the filter unit.

Internal detail of the W bag filter.

W Bag filter.

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