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Coagulant and Flocculant

Following the tests carried out on your water sample, we provide you with the identified chemical agents (coagulant and flocculant) for the entire life cycle of your plant.


PH Control
and Adjustment Station

It is an instrument for controlling and adjusting the PH of the water to be treated. By integrating it with your Dal Prete solution, you preserve the performance of the system and, where necessary, facilitate compliance with environmental protection regulations

Station for the automatic preparation and dosing of the flocculant solution.

It is an automated system for storage, powder measurement, solution preparation and dosing without needing the intervention of an operator. In this way you can reduce its consumption and avoid clogging of the pumps due to rough dosing of powder.

Clarified Water Relaunch System

By analyzing your specific needs, we configure a system for the relaunch of clarified water that guarantees adequate pressurization and therefore an optimized coverage of water consumption on the processing machines.

Sludge Collection Bin

The dehydrated sludge, which the system discharges automatically at the end of the dehydration cycle, must be collected in tilting bins placed in the space below the filter press.
We can supply them in different sizes, which can be moved manually or with forklifts.

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