Water treatment

We have studied a wastewater clarification solution that allows you to obtain a closed water recycling circle. It optimizes human, organizational and material resources and time. It is a virtuous circle with improvements from an economic and productive efficiency point of view.

The wastewater, coming from the machines designed for processing of raw materials, flows into the CLARIFICATION plant.

Here the powder and particles of processed material are aggregated thanks to the use of a coagulant and a flocculant identified in the water test phase.

The DEHYDRATION process in which the SLUDGE becomes solid takes place inside the filter press.

The clarified water returns to the processing circuit of the machines, therefore lengthening its life cycle.

In this system you can add our FILTERING unit (Just Water 3.0) in order to use the filtered water for the internal cooling of the CNC spindle units.

All of this is done without introducing new water into the circuit.


  • Compact system with integrated filter press.
    Space optimization.

  • The system is easy to understand.
    Simplified management of manual operations.

  • High level of automation.
    Time saving.

  • Study of the chemical agent’s dosages, customized according to the needs.
    Better management of coagulant and flocculant.

  • Solid final waste that is not dirty and easy to dispose of.
    The area around the plant is always clean.

  • Integrated filtration system.
    The water is always clean, when and where needed.

  • High quality of clarified water.
    Reduced risk of silicosis, safeguarding the health of the operators.

  • Recycling of the water resource in a closed cycle.
    Water saving and no waste.



Chemical agent that breaks the electrical charges of the particles of the processed material present in water, and often with a specific weight equal to or less than the water itself. It serves to activate a first coagulation process in micro-flakes.


Chemical agent that works like a "glue". Captures the micro-flakes dispersed in the water, turning them into larger, heavier flakes that fall downwards.

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