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With Dal Prete,
Your Waterjet Never Stops

Since 1964, Dal Prete has been designing and manufacturing water treatment solutions for stone processes that require the use and recovery of wastewater.

From Dal Prete's experience comes Jet Compact (DP-PRO15).

This prototype is specifically designed for waterjet water treatment and can improve performances by reducing maintenance costs and increasing productivity.

Avoid downtime caused by tank cleaning.

With the Jet Compact (DP-PRO15) you can remove the abrasive sand deposit from the tank automatically, preventing the sand from solidifying with processed materials.

Reduce disposal costs by up to 50%.

Thanks to Dal Prete technology, your waste material will be solid, dry and easy to handle.

Zero risks.

Jet Compact (DP-PRO15) does not require any invasive installations. In case the performance is not up to your expectations, you can easily return to the water management system you are using now.

Would You like to Try the
DP-PRO15 on Favorable Terms?

We are selecting candidates to test the performance of the Jet Compact (DP-PRO15).
You will have the opportunity to work side by side with Dal Prete's R&D department to bring your waterjet to its full potential while saving on maintenance, water, and waste costs.

Write your email here. You will receive a short questionnaire, in order to apply for this special project.

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