Iwater suction wall
Wall air purifier

The wall air purifier model IWATER works in a simple way: the air charged with dust is sucked by special fans inside the cabin. Here the atomized water weighs it down and precipitates it into the tank below.

Who we designed it for

  • If you want to reduce the presence of dust from dry processing.

Features and advantages

  • Extremely intuitive and simple maintenance.
    Save time and reduce human error.

  • Internal water atomization.
    Dry outdoor Environment.

  • High level of air filtration.
    Lower risk of silicosis, safeguarding the health of the operators.

  • Stainless Steel Structure.

  • Air filtration efficiency 98.3%.

  • Purifier noise 69 dB.


  • Length and width.
  • Number of fans.
  • Suction from both sides.


  • Plenum.
  • External box.
  • Side extensions.


Detail of air intake fan.

Control panel managing all the cabin operations.

Detail of the stopper, which avoids the passage of water drops in the fans.

Submerged pump for water pressurization and discharge point for easy maintenance.

Series of nozzles for water nebulization.


IWater 2 m

Dimensions W×H×D 2.000×2.350×1.000 mm
Aspirators 1
Power 4,2 hp
m³/hour 9.000

IWater 3 m

Dimensions W×H×D 3.000×2.350×1.000 mm
Aspirators 1
Power 4,2 hp
m³/hour 11.000

IWater 4 m

Dimensions W×H×D 4.000×2.350×1.000 mm
Aspirators 2
Power 8,0 hp
m³/hour 22.000

IWater 5 m

Dimensions W×H×D 5.000×2.350×1.000 mm
Aspirators 2
Power 8,0 hp
m³/hour 26.000

IWater 6 m

Dimensions W×H×D 6.000×2.350×1.000 mm
Aspirators 2
Power 8,0 hp
m³/hour 33.000

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