Air treatment

We have studied two air filtration systems: one uses water, one is dry. These are effective dust abatement solutions that can be tailored to the needs of every laboratory.

The air loaded with DUST produced by machineries and equipment used for the processing of marble, granite, stone, composite materials, ceramics and cement is sucked by fans inside the respective modules:

Inside the module of the IWATER WALL, the water spray weighs down the dust and falls down into the tank below.

Inside the DRY WALL module, the batteries of sock filters retain the dust and discharge it into drawers that can be easily emptied.

Common advantages

  • Dust abatement.
    Improvement of air quality.

  • High level of air filtration.
    Lower risk of silicosis, safeguarding the health of the operators.

  • The system is easy to understand and to manage. 
    Simplified and minimized operator actions.

Dry wall advantages

  • The final waste is solid and is collected in easily-removable drawers. 
    Easy disposal.

  • It has an automatic cleaning cycle.
    Operator’s maneuvers are reduced to a minimum.

  • No water is used.
    Humidity-free environment.

Iwater wall advantages

  • The nebulization remains inside the cabin chamber and does not wet the outside area.
    The surrounding environment is dry.

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