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Since 1964 we have been listening to entrepreneurs in the stone industry who want to be more competitive on the market and who want to achieve a high level of organization and efficiency.

Our goal is to save space, time and resources of companies that produce semi-finished and finished products of marble, granite, stone, composite materials, ceramics and concrete.

We create solutions for water clarification with filter press, and for air filtration. They meet specific requirements of each stone laboratory.

Our simple, intuitive and automatic solutions guarantee an always-clean working place, both in small emerging laboratories and in structured companies.

We are a team of 7 people. We are organized to always ensure an efficient workflow, as each one of us is highly specialized in his or her role.

We have a verified working method
To ensure effective consulting.


Consulting and sales

To identify the right plant for specific requirements.


Financial assistance

To meet payment needs.


Customer company preparation

To optimize the reception and installation of the system.


Production, assembly and shipping

To take care of custom details.


Relationship with the costumer

To provide support at every stage of the plant life cycle.

Have a seat and browse our website to get to know us.
You will discover that this is our way to know you.


We know and study your business reality and your needs.


We find the correct management of the coagulant and flocculant.


We explain the simplicity of our solutions for the treatment of water and air.

of the solutions

We identify the specific answer to your problem.

Dal Prete Engineering srl
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