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Clear Water Better Stoneworks

Wastewater treatment plants

Since 1964, our company has been designing and manufacturing water treatment solutions for stone working processes or other processes that require the use and recovery of wastewater.

With Dal Prete’s automated systems you can almost completely eliminate the cost of recharging your company’s water system, reusing high-quality clarified water for your processes.

The level of water clarification achieved by our plants extends the life of processing tools up to 20%, saves you up to 30% on water consumption and reduces the cost of disposing residual sludge up to 50%.

Cleaner water, more efficient processing.

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Filters / Cabins

Dal Prete

Solutions for water clarification with filter press, and for air filtration since 1964.

About us

We are a team of people working in full synergy with a workflow that is always efficient, thanks to a high level of individual specialization in each position.

Water Treatment

We have studied a wastewater clarification solution that allows you to obtain a closed water recycling circle. It optimizes human, organizational and material resources and time. It is a virtuous circle with improvements from an economic and productive efficiency point of view.

Air treatment

We have studied two air filtration systems: one uses water, one is dry. These are effective dust abatement solutions that can be tailored to the needs of every laboratory.

Our air treatment solutions

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